Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee, Roasted Whole Beans

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Ethiopian coffee is the most popular of the African coffees and it is commonly recognized as the birthplace of coffee. Even today most of the Ethiopian coffee plantations are largely comprised of heirloom varietals. When correctly processed the cup qualities on these heirloom Ethiopian coffees are among the most exotic and extraordinary coffees in the world of coffee.

Yirgacheffe coffee farming is unusual in the fact that the bulk of the crop is gathered from wild coffee trees giving this coffee a truly exotic flavor with pleasant citrus acidity. A coffee of great complexity, that is organically grown in southern Ethiopia. This region produces distinctively floral/fruit toned coffees from traditional heirloom Arabica coffee varietals. This high-altitude grown coffee is hand-picked, washed processed, and sun-dried.

ACIDITY: Medium/High
ALTITUDE: 1,770-2,200 Meters
AROMA: Floral, Pleasing Spice Tones
BEST BREW: Pour Over or Drip
BEST ROAST: Medium Roast
CUP NOTES: Round sweet structure, pleasing edge, plush mouthfeel, deeply toned.
FLAVOR FAMILY: Citrus * Floral * Toffee
FLAVOR NUANCE: Floral, Lemon, very slight Blueberry
GRADE/ATTRIBUTES: Conventionally Grown Heirloom
ORIGIN/KIND: Africa, Ethiopia  100% Arabica
PLANT VARIETAL: Ethiopian Heirloom
SWEETNESS: Medium/High

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This is the original ever-popular Ethiopian heirloom coffee with that ‘everything wonderful’ flavor profile the cup is roundly sweet in structure, with a gentle pleasing edge, a full plush mouthfeel with pleasant, deeply-toned chocolaty/molasses notes in body, and the characteristic floral/lemon/slight blueberry nuances that blend in perfect harmony to create a special cup of coffee.

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8, 12

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Cinnamon (Light Roast), New England (Light Roast), American (Medium Roast), City (Medium Roast), Full City (Medium Roast), Vienna (Dark Roast)


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