Kenya Coffee, K-Cups

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Taste one of the most well-regarded African Coffees offers Chocolate, Black Currant, and Citrus taste notes. 

Kenya AA – this high-grown coffee is one of our most well-regarded beans and comes from the famed growing region of Nyeri, on the slopes of Mount Kenya.  Beautiful coffee plantations of many smallholder estates at elevations of around 1,500 meters growing in rich red volcanic soil.

Taste Notes Chocolate, Black Currant, Citrus
Processing Fully Washed
Varietal Bourbon SL34 (Arabica)
Grade AA Shade-Grown
Elevation 1500+ M

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The AA grade on this coffee especially important since this is the premium grade of Kenya coffee.

These coffee plantations are growing the famous Bourbon SL34 Arabica varietal, coffee plants are shade-grown under Grevillea, Macadamia, and Eucalyptus trees.

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