World-famous coffee from India's Araku Hills!

Grown at higher altitudes under natural shade trees, Araku Valley coffee has a unique flavor of a heavy body, dried fruits, nutty taste notes

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True eco-friendly!

Grown under natural shades of tall silver oak trees. Shade trees provide opportunities for farmers to grow additional crops like peppers and also act as a safe natural habitat for native and seasonal migratory birds, a perfect example of true eco-friendly and sustainable coffee growing practices. 

High Altitude Coffee

Coffee plantations are established on the beautiful slopes of the Araku Valley Hills with higher elevations above sea level. High altitude weather provides ideal conditions for coffee beans slowly ripen with unique taste notes.

Strictly Hard Beans

Grown at higher elevations of 1000m to 1500m above the sea level. 

Fair Trade

Araku Valley Coffee plantations are in fact owned and operated by a local tribal community known as Adivasi. Green Coffee beans are sold through a government entity known as Girijan Co-operative and this entity makes sure that farmers get their fair share of value.