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Specialty Coffee, freshly roasted and freshly packed!

We are very excited to invite you to try our Premium Specialty Coffee, Made to Order, Freshly Roasted, Freshly Packed, and proudly Made in Ohio by GREATKUP Team.  Experience the taste of perfectly roasted premium specialty coffee in small batches using our signature artisan profiles.

Soon you will be able to order your favorite Premium Specialty Coffee directly from, always made to order and shipped directly to you. Our Premium Specialty Coffee products are created using high-quality and Grade AA coffee beans from Kenya, Ethiopia, and India. Our coffee is grown using eco-friendly cultivation methods at higher altitudes, micro-lots, and integrated into the natural ecosystem and forests. 

You can choose your favorite way to enjoy our Premium Speciality Coffee.

  1. Whole Beans
  2. Ground Coffee
  3. Single Serve Coffee Cups for your Keurig Coffee Maker

The majority of our Green Coffee Beans are sourced from a Single Source Origin and through Fair Trade practices where ever applicable.