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Cardamom – The Queen Of Spices

What is it? What does it taste like?

A very genuine and common question we hear all the time at Local Farmer’s Markets where we offer our signature iced coffee latte our ‘Spice Cardamom Latte’.

This articles is our attempt to answer those questions and provide some context to the spice, Cardamom also know as “The Queen Of Spices“.

Even before we get into details, honestly we are simply obsessed with Cardamom. From our point of view no other spice can come close to the unique taste, flavor, and aroma of Cardamom.

One of the reasons why it is so familiar to us is it is widely used in Indian cuisine like appetizers, main course, dessert, and hot and cold beverage’s like liqueurs, Coffee, Tea (chai), fruit refreshers and a plethora of others specialties.

The only way to explain it’s subtle flavor is to experience it.

We want every coffee lover to experience this spice, the main reason why we have introduced “Iced Cardamom Latte” to our Farmer’s Market Menu.

We are the 1st Coffee Roasters in America to introduce Cardamom Latte to Coffee Enthusiasts in America.

Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) belongs to the ginger family Zinziberaceae, Binomial name Zingiber officinale.

Originally cardamom was wildly grown in the mountain ranges of southern ghats of Kerala also rightly know as God’s Own Country, given its lush green beautiful landscapes and crystal clear beaches that will leave you awestruck and a very popular tourist destination in India. This mountain range is named “The Cardamom Hills”.

The Cardamom Hills – Kerala, India

In Indian history, references to cardamom spice dating back to 4000 years. It is primarily used as a spice, as natural medicine for digestion and as a natural mouth freshener.

The cardamom plant was introduced to Guatemala before World War I by a German coffee planter named Oscar.

Guatemala offers perfect conditions to grow Cardamom and it is now the largest producer of Green Cardamom with India in 2nd place. Cardamom is expensive due to the manual labor involved, pods must be picked manually without using any farming machinery.

There are 2 types, Green and Black Cardamom. Green Cardamom is widely used because both pod and seeds are ready to be used. Black Cardamom pods are 3 times bigger compared to Green Cardamom Pods. Cardamom pods contain black seeds.

The powder is made only from the seeds and is used to add to any dish the subtle richness of the flavor to enhance your food experiences to create the special bond between the cardamom and you. Some recipes call for both shell and crushed seeds, like Indian Sweets, Coffee, and Chai (Tea).

Cardamom – The Queen Of Spices

Green cardamom is one of the most expensive spice by weight but just a little goes a long way to impart it’s aromatic flavor. It’s flavor and aroma are best preserved in the pod, as the flavor and aroma of exposed or ground seeds are not the same when freshly ground and used.

Cardamom is currently the third most expensive spice lead by Saffron and Vanilla.

Similar to coffee plants, cardamom plants grow well under shade trees, in cool temperatures, and at higher altitudes. Cool temperatures in the mountain range offer ideal conditions. Cardamom from “The Cardamom Hills” is well known for its organic, premium quality and taste.

Once harvested, cardamom pods are sun-dried or machine-dried depending on the weather conditions. Cardamom is graded based on size and color. To retain their green color, once dry, they are packed in black polythene bags. Cardamom requires a lot of care and timing is a very crucial factor.

We love Cardamom! We love it so much that we have registered a website for the same,

If you want to know more about Cardamom Latte, please feel free to ask any questions you have or start a cardamom conversation at the next Farmer’s Markets and we are excited to chat with you.

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Local pick up for your online order

Local Pickup option is now available for your online orders. Place your order online and pickup your order at Geauga Fresh Farmer’s Market (OHIO) or Chardon Farmers Market (OHIO) on Saturdays between 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Local Pickup orders are automatically saves you 25% off on your cart total. Convenient, easy and great savings!

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Classic Indian Style Coffee Recipe

Coffee is something of a cultural icon in all the South Indian states of India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala. It is customary to offer a cup of coffee or tea to any visitor. Coffee became very popular under British rule. Until the middle of the 20th century, traditional households would not use granulated sugar but jaggery or honey in coffee. (Wikipedia reference).

It is in fact very easy and simple to prepare Indian Style Coffee but you just need the right coffee beans. There are many variations and methods to prepare this classic coffee. For example, “beaten coffee” is version prepared with Instant Coffee powder and very popular in India.

Learn more about on how Instant Coffee is prepared in a commercial setting. Link here Always remember that any preprocessing of coffee alters the taste notes and in many cases reduces the actual caffeine levels too.

Our aim at GREATKUP is to provide you with Fresh Roast Coffee Beans or Ground with shortest time possible so you can enjoy the Fresh Taste of coffee, less acidic and more refreshing.

As a Specialty Coffee roaster, we believe that any preprocessing of coffee reduces the actual caffeine levels and alters the original taste notes very unique to the origin of the beans. For example, you can use any Instant Coffee to prepare Classic Style Indian Coffee but it may not produce the authentic taste. In order to enjoy the authentic taste, beans must preserve the taste notes and coffee origin must be South India. Beans grown in South India offers very interesting taste notes like Nutty, Heavy Body and Dried Fruits. These taste notes are what Classic Indian Style Coffee unique and by adding milk, taste notes are elevated leaving a delicious coffee experience.

If you are looking forward for a truce Indian Classic Coffee experience, we have the RIGHT beans, roasted to perfection. We offer Araku Valley Coffee in Whole Beans / Ground Coffee / K-Cups. Please visit this link for Araku Valley Coffee

In this recipe we would be using French Press to extract coffee from Araku Valley Coffee using hot water. You can try this with Cold Brew as well. This is a hot coffee in general and taste a bit different and can be served on Ice as well.

Classic Indian Coffee

Coffee Talk
Indian style classic coffee with milk.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian
Servings 1


  • French Press


  • 1 tbsp GREATKUP Ground Coffee
  • 1/4 cup Milk
  • 1 tsp Brown Sugar as per the taste


  • Add 1 tbsp of GREATKUP Ground Coffee (Araku Valley Coffee) to the French Press
  • Add 4 Oz of hot water
  • Seep it for 5 to 6 minutes. For strong taste, seep it for about 10 minutes
  • Pour the the coffee from French Press into an empty cup (12 oz cup)
  • Add 1/4 cup of hot milk
  • Add 1 tsp of brown sugar, mix it well


Keyword Indian Coffee
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Our first appearance at Geauga Fresh Farmer’s Market

Planning all winter and last-minute menu changes, we were able to participate in Geauga Fresh Farmer’s Market this year. It was a great learning experience and we are sure we made a lot of coffee visitors happy with our signature iced latte “Iced Coffee Cardamom Latte”

Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market was started in 2002 and focused mainly on producer-only farmers operating year-round in Geauga County. Great people and great community. We are grateful for all the support.

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Spring Coffee Savings are here!

Coupon valid till end of May, 2022!

Take advantage of this special coupon, valid till end of May, 2022! Save 10% on Araku Valley Whole Roasted Beans!

Taste the world’s famous Specialty Coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans, grown on Araku Hills, located in the southern ghats of India. 

Araku Valley coffee offers a very unique coffee flavor with Heavy Body, Dried Fruits, and Nutty taste notes. Araku Valley Coffee is grown under natural shades of tall silver oak trees. Shade trees provide opportunities for farmers to grow additional crops like peppers and act as a safe natural habitat for native and seasonal migratory birds, a perfect example of true eco-friendly and sustainable coffee growing practices. Coffee plantations are established on the beautiful slopes of the Araku Hills with elevations of 1000m to 1500m above sea level.

In order to preserve this unique taste and freshness, beans are roasted to perfection and made to order.  

Araku Valley Coffee is perfect for any preparation, black coffee, coffee with milk (traditional Indian style coffee), espresso, french press and goes well with creamer and sugar. 

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What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee is very unique in nature and produced only by using top-quality green coffee beans and a careful roast process to highlight the taste notes that are very unique to the coffee beans. We source our coffee beans from different parts of the world by carefully evaluating many factors, reaching out to the coffee farmers or coffee co-ops directly or through their representatives in the US.

At GREATKUP we pick quality green coffee beans based on various factors. Few of them are listed below.

  • Beans are grown at higher altitudes
  • Grown with different soil characteristics like volcanic soil, foothills of mountains
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Biodiversity, Shade Grown, Micro Lots
  • Women-owned or operated
  • Local Co-ops to support the local economy
  • Fairtrade practices
  • Organic, Natural washing and drying practices

Procuring quality green beans is only one-third of the entire process. The next crucial step is carefully roasting the coffee beans to highlight their native taste notes. This is where Specialty Coffee differs from generic coffee. The majority of the coffee consumed in the US or in fact around the world is roasted with generic roast profiles in large batches, mixed with one or more types of beans sourced from different growing regions.

At GREATKUP we spend a lot of time in developing specific roast profiles for each type of beans. In reality, there is no generic roasting profile that we can immediately apply to a variety of beans. This is where artisan roasting practices play an important role. It is possible that 10 to 20 various profiles are developed for every type of beans before we find the sweet spot in which the majority of the taste notes are preserved.

Happy customers!

Taste notes for each type of beans are very unique, based on their origin, elevation, type of environment they were grown, washing and drying practices. Our main goal in the roast profile development is to highlight the taste notes and strike a delicate balance between acidity and the way coffee tastes.

The final step is cupping. The cupping process is tedious and with practice and patience, we develop different roast profiles to match different brewing methods and needs.

At GREATKUP we invest a significant amount of time in procuring beans, developing roast profiles, and multiple iterations of cupping to achieve the perfect taste notes.

We strongly believe that this process is what makes us unique and creates a perfect and uniform roast all the time. Least but not least, we only roast coffee in small batches, every time to maintain the perfect coffee taste. At first specialty coffee tastes a little different but you will start appreciating the different taste notes offered by different coffee beans.

We offer coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and India, soon we will be adding more specialty coffee from Guatemala.

GREATKUP specialty coffee is available in, Whole Beans (roasted), Ground Coffee and in K-Cups for your Keurig coffee brewer.

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We’re open for business!

We are super excited to announce the official launch of our online Specialty Coffee company—GREATKUP.

All our coffee products are always made to order, freshly roasted, freshly packed, proudly made in Ohio, and directly shipped to you. We have a very exciting and unique flavor coffee lineup including Kenya AA, Araku Valley (India) coffee made with 100% Arabica beans!

Order your favorite coffee exactly the way you want it with you choice of roast levels.

  • Whole Beans – Freshly Packed in Sealed Bags equipped with Degassing Value
  • Ground Coffee – Freshly Packed in Sealed Bags equipped with Degassing Value
  • K-Cups – Compatible with Keurig Coffee 2.0 Brewing Systems

Our shipment boxes are made with 100% recyclable materials and made in America. We will be adding more Coffee products in the coming months so please watch for new announcements. There will be many exciting surprises, including irresistible discounts for all the coffee lovers.

Our initial Coffee Roasting Days will be on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Specialty Coffee, freshly roasted and freshly packed!

We are very excited to invite you to try our Premium Specialty Coffee, Made to Order, Freshly Roasted, Freshly Packed, and proudly Made in Ohio by GREATKUP Team.  Experience the taste of perfectly roasted premium specialty coffee in small batches using our signature artisan profiles.

Soon you will be able to order your favorite Premium Specialty Coffee directly from, always made to order and shipped directly to you. Our Premium Specialty Coffee products are created using high-quality and Grade AA coffee beans from Kenya, Ethiopia, and India. Our coffee is grown using eco-friendly cultivation methods at higher altitudes, micro-lots, and integrated into the natural ecosystem and forests. 

You can choose your favorite way to enjoy our Premium Speciality Coffee.

  1. Whole Beans
  2. Ground Coffee
  3. Single Serve Coffee Cups for your Keurig Coffee Maker

The majority of our Green Coffee Beans are sourced from a Single Source Origin and through Fair Trade practices where ever applicable.